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Solana Pet Rocks NFTS

NO Whitelist      NO Presale

Minting Soon TBA       on   Solana 

elvis rock (2).png

Your About

Solana pet rocks are a unique collection of 10,000 NFTS that are a combination of 2d and 3d art that live on the the most powerful network Solana , they also double as your ticket to all our buy back drawings where you can sell your pet rock back to us for the price of a New Tesla or other prizes.


When we sell 5000 pet rocks we will have a drawing for one rock that will receive an offer to sell it back to us for the price of a new Tesla car.

When we sell 2500 pet rocks we will have a fair drawing from a "licensed agency" draw either manually or by computer code, 4 pet rock holders to sell there rocks back to us for 2,500.00 each. The drawing will be live streamed or recorded on twitter or another social platform.

Our goal is to have your pet rocks nfts 100% 3d with animation, we also are working to allow staking with your rock and become metaverse friendly. We have just begun to start yourpetrocksnft and there is much to be excited about. everyone who owns our 1st generation will be whitelisted for our 2nd gen. Get in early for an amazing journey, and for trusting us we will have several drawings for thousands of dollars in crypto and for the cost of a new tesla car.


Minted Collection

These are examples of ones minted, after we launch                    on Solana we will populate with the real data.

elvis rock

Buy Back Collection

This is where we will display all the nfts we buy back from the winners                    of all the drawings with the amount we paid for each.


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Why Choose Us?

We have a combined 63 years in retail, we know it takes hard work and honesty to be successful and are determined to take your pet rock nft to the Moon. We have been in crypto heavy for five years and like a lot of people we have been lied to, rug pulled and taken advantage of. We are tired of teams not doing what they say so we became a team to make sure that doesnt happen with your pet rock nft.

How The Buy Back Works

When we have a drawing we will hire a third party to legally draw the winner with a fair process either physically or electronically. We will either record or live stream the process. After the winner is chosen we will post which NFT owner has won and they have up to seven days to sell us there NFT for the amount we are drawing for. In Joepegs we will find that NFT and send the offer but its up to the owner to accept.